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The Past.

1994: Born in London, coincidentally the same year as his favourite film was released. Pulp Fiction. 

2000s: Grew up watching friends & LOST. Travelled to South East Asia teaching english & learnt how to eat using chopsticks. 

2014: Attended Bristol University to study Law & find Banksy. 

2016: Graduated from Bristol University indifferent to Law. Never found Banksy. Decided to make his first short film 'The Inquiry'.

2017: Accepted to study Masters in Filmmaking at The London Film School. Founded his company SeaWhisker Films. 

2019: Produced a dozen short films shooting in France, Portugal, the US, Canada & UK. Graduated as a Director & Producer. Joined Head & Wrecker. Started working at Disney.

2020: Covid. Released from Disney. Wrote his first feature. 

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The Present.

Julien currently works at 42 Management where he aims to start a new career in management & representation. In the past month he has read over 15 scripts, breaking down the reports for agents and producers. He has also had the pleasure of going to a pressnight for a theatre opening with a casting director from Sophie Hollands.  


In his spare time, Julien produces music videos for Head & Wrecker working with labels such as Univeral Music, Polydor, Sony EMI, Dirty Hit, Chess Club & LAB. Despite not knowing who the 1975 were, Julien has worked with an abundant repertoire of indie artists including Pale Waves, Oscar Lang, Beaux South, Vistas & Bloxx. He recently had the pleasure of going more mainstream and working with the rising pop star Becky Hill. 

Juliens latest short film 'The Lost Scot' won multiple awards in the festival circuit including Best Short Film from the Oscar qualifying 17th In The Palace Film Festival as well as 2020s Craghopper student award. The film has been viewed over 250,000 times via the Academy & Bafta platform Omeleto as is currently streaming on Broadcast TV via the My5 App.  


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The Future. 

Julien is looking to get a full time career in management & representation as he aims to become a future agent. 


He continues to develop a narrative branch for Head & Wrecker as they look to diversify their portfolio and begin producing their first feature film. 

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